Pregnancy Dance Class

The founders of GroovaRoo are coming to Gentle Beginnings in May 2019! 

Amber and Meeshi Anjali are coming from California as they have been inspired on how forward thinking we are in Scotland in our approach to family life in the early years.  

We will be hosting a weekly, evening pregnancy dance class at the studio in Kirkliston. Thursdays 6pm-7pm.

Being a HypnoBirthing Instructor, I frequently advocate optimal positions for child birth.  I became interested in pregnancy dance, in particular with this lovely couple, as their choreography is perfectly in line with what we advocate in HypnoBirthing.

There are even labour dances that you will learn, to really open the hips, widen the pelvic outlet and utilise gravity to bring baby down. 

Forget everything you have seen regarding stereotypical childbirth.  Dancing in pregnancy and labour is not what we are used to seeing in this part of the world, but who said what we are used to seeing is correct or right?  There is always a better, more logical, way to approach things. 

If you are interested in this class, places will be limited so please get in touch