Baby Yoga

What are the Benefits of Baby Yoga?

Baby Yoga classes will give your baby a physical and neurological advantage! Classes involve yoga sequences for baby and some lovely stretches and breathing exercises for parents, singing, walking, lifts, sensory activities and lots of positive interaction.


There are so many wonderful benefits of Baby Yoga and these include:


Emotional wellbeing – Strengthening your parent – child bond in infancy, will benefit you both throughout your lives together and brings even more happiness to the early days


Physical benefits –  improves circulation and digestion, develops muscle tone and flexibility


The sensory system – contributes to the development of sensory integration by stimulating the nervous system and stimulating brain development


Digestion – helps energy flow through the body, gentle movements soothe the digestive system, helping it to mature a little quicker as the postures help to stimulate it.


Lymphatic System – helps filter toxins and circulates antibodies throughout the body


Relaxation – helps baby to relax and expend their energy promoting better sleep


Social experience – for parents, bringing you together in a supportive and relaxed small class environment



The benefits of baby yoga are far reaching and classes provide an experience that will enhance baby’s development and strengthen family bonds.

A great opportunity to give your baby an experience that will benefit their physical health and mental well-being, long term.