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Gentle Beginnings' Story

Gentle Beginnings was founded out of a desire to educate families on the importance of nurturing their babies from the start of their lives, through labour and birth and into the early years. The first 1000 days of life are paramount to who we become. Loving interactions with our children in the early days  provides them with feelings of security and enhances their wellbeing.  This has a positive impact on the rest of their lives.
Nicola is a Mum of three children, who were all Hypnobirthing babies. Whilst pregnant with her first baby, she developed a deeply emotional interest in pregnancy and birth. Her positive birth experiences and strong desire to nurture her children through baby massage, lead to the creation of a business which she has grown over the years to provide many services to families that centre around bonding, attachment, and family wellbeing. She also has a special interest in maternal mental health. The HypnoMothering course she runs, gives Mums a safe space to come, to be listened to, experience deep relaxation and to be equipped with specific strategies to deal with the emotional complexities of Motherhood, now and in the future.

Everyone will always be given the warmest of welcomes to Gentle Beginnings, plenty support, tea, cake, hugs and smiles. My wish is that when you come to my classes, you walk out my door feeling more confident about your birth, or a little brighter if you’re having an off day, even more in love with your baby than you were before, with an excitement about your future together.

Nicola x